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June 11, 2008

Barack Obama smokingWho Works the Obama the Puppet? Follow the Money
As we all know, Obama can't speak without a teleprompter. However, when he is reading from it, one has to wonder who is behind what he says. It's not Obama. He doesn't have an original thought in his head. Well, it seems that the man behind the curtain has been uncloaked.

The discovery started with an examination of one of Obama's staff, Jim Johnson. Johnson was on the team that was vetting the VP choices for Obama. It turns out that Johnson is a Washington insider that was once a CEO of Fannie Mae who was also assisting Walter Mondale and John Kerry in their presidential bids. Johnson has also been tied to many lenders and financial corporations.

If you'll recall, Obama declared long ago that he wouldn't have such people on his staff. It was time for "change." Maybe it's just not the Jim Johnson Obama knows, the same as Reverend Wright, Reverend Pfleger, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, convicted felon Antoin "Tony" Rezko and others sure to follow. Maybe even his wife. Can't you hear him saying, "That's not the Michelle I know?"

Obama has just had Jim Johnson resign from his staff. Well, Johnson is not that important at first glance. However, here's where it gets interesting. It's not that Obama is a liberal hypocrite/liar; we all know that. No, it is interesting because Johnson is a vice president of the Perseus, LLC. Perseus, LLC owns the publishing company PublicAffairs. PublicAffairs is the company that published former White House Press Secretary turned Bush traitor Scott McClellan's book What Happened.

"So what" you say? Well, Perseus is owned by leftist Hungarian billionaire George Soros. Soros has been trying to defeat the Republicans for years. Soros bankrolled the democrat front organization, that tries to portray itself as a grassroots group. was created to avoid Bill Clinton getting impeached. It didn't work.

Since then, Soros has been on a crusade to destroy Bush and the Republican party. He couldn't get it done with the Clintons and so he had his people embark on finding the perfect candidate that could make him the proxy president of the United States. A twist on the Manchurian Candidate story. This explains why Hillary thought she was anointed and then why most all of the democrats have recently turned their back on her in favor of Obama.

Soros' search resulted in the empty suit of Barack Obama. An African-American who speaks well, but has limited intelligence, although educated. Obama probably isn't even aware that he is simply a puppet. Ignorance is a bonus in Soros' eyes! Obama may be finally coming to terms with this fact. He has stopped trying to hide the fact that he is still a smoker. A hard habit to break and made even harder when you are slowly being uncovered as a fraud.

Soros thinks of himself as God. He once stated, "I'm the Pope's boss, now!" With this knowledge, it's little wonder why Obama has the messianic following of a rock star or cult member.

It is now only a matter of time before all see Obama for what he is, a puppet on the lap of George Soros. Jim Johnson is not the first of Obama's team to leave after being discovered and he will not be the last. The only question now is whether Obama is completely uncloaked before the democrats have their convention.


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