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April 7, 2007

Hillary ClintonIt Ain't Easy Being Number Two
Hillary, after spending years being number two both literally and figuratively, is number two again. This time she's a distant number two to Barack Obama. While Hillary barely leads Obama in total campaign contributions, Obama has a two to one lead in individual contributions. That's stunning and counts far more.

What makes this so amazing is that the Clintons thought that they were the golden liberals. Hillary is discovering that not having Bill as the president or governor doesn't attract as much money. It's probably not as easy to raise money when you can't rent out the Lincoln bedroom.

Hillary, the smartest woman in the world, shouldn't have to rely on contributions. She is probably out of donors anyway and should just go back to cattle futures.

The Clintons have been asking for handouts their entire lives. When they have held a job in the private sector, it was tainted with scandal much as their political careers have been. Eventually, the well runs dry.

Barack ObamaObama, while out-raising Hillary in individual contributions, is still going to face a tough battle with her. In typical liberal fashion, they will run dirty campaigns against each other in an attempt to gain the democrat nomination for president. Don't forget the pretty boy Edwards. He'll make them spend even more money in the primaries. The democrat winner will be the loser against the Republicans.

You see, the Republicans don't have a candidate, yet. While the democrats are constantly campaigning against Bush, they seem to forget that Bush isn't running. On top of that, their only political attack is on the war on terror based mostly in Iraq.

Recent events point to a change in the tide with the allied forces systematically crushing the Islamic terrorists in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Ironically, the democrats only hope for winning the White House rests on the US being defeated in the war on terror by the democrats in congress. Democrats can't have it both ways. Either we have a weak America run by liberals or a strong America run by conservatives.

The American economy crumbled the last summer of Bill Clinton's presidency. It crumbled from the weight of a tax burden from the largest tax increase in history, after Al Gore broke the tie in the senate to pass it. Bush brought the US back to prosperity while defeating the Taliban in Afghanistan and then ousting Saddam in Iraq.

Does America want to return to the days of a smoke-and-mirrors economy run by the Clinton's? It's doubtful, especially when the Republican campaign gets into gear and reminds everyone of how the smooth talking liberals try to make everyone feel good while taxing them into oblivion.

No matter who becomes the democrat's choice, they will always be number two, and number two stinks.


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