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The Liberal Agenda

The main goal of liberalism is to take away individual rights. A lot of you are thinking, "Hey, I'm a liberal and that's not my goal!" You're probably being honest and want to help and feel like you are helping. Unfortunately, most are just misguided puppets.

Cindy SheehanLet's look at a recent example of such a puppet, Cindy Sheehan. Her son lost his life defending our country and our way of life. This pushed her over the edge. She met with President Bush to speak out against the war on terror being waged in Iraq. She was unsuccessful in getting her way. Angry, she was duped by liberals into staging a protest for her cause. Suddenly, the newspaper headlines shout that President Bush refuses to meet with a grieving mother. Sheehan perpetuated the lie. Cindy Sheehan eventually moved to Berkeley, CA.

Casey SheehanSheehan's son volunteered to be in the military. He took the oath, just as all presidents do, to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. Instead of celebrating her son's honorable commitment, she devalued it. Why? The liberals do not care about Casey. You, the casual reader, probably didn't even know her son's name, but you sure knew Cindy's and you believed, for a time, that President Bush refused to meet with her. How did you feel when you found out it was a lie?

Then what did the liberals really want? They wanted George W. Bush driven from office. They will use any and all means to stir emotions to accomplish this. They realize that they have no logical argument against conservatism. So, they prey upon vulnerable people to carry their message with emotions.

Now, getting back to the liberal agenda, you may be wondering why they want to take away individual liberties from the people. It is very simple. They want the people to become dependent upon a government, made up of a few privileged liberals. Once the population becomes dependent on the government for its basic needs, they will need to keep the socialist government in power, because they no longer have the means, nor the will to take care of themselves.

To gain power, liberals focus their energy on tactics such as class and race warfare, creating animosity between different economic levels and different races. As strange as it may seem, socialists don't want the masses to have wealth, because that would equate to having power, and only the liberal elitists should have power. Their goal is to take from the rich and keep it for themselves until there are no rich, only the impoverished fighting amongst themselves.

They portray their conservative opponents as heartless monsters who eat their own children, poison the environment and steal from the elderly. The truth is socialists do exactly that by devaluing human life. Their weapon of choice, taxes.

The reason they will never win is due to a little thing called the United States Constitution. Yes, they have warped its meaning through corrupt and misguided judges. They have hid their true agenda behind its protections. However, the beauty of the Constitution is that it is written in very plain and direct language. Although, they have tried, they can not overcome the main defense mechanism of the Constitution, the Second Amendment.

The forefathers were very bright. After overthrowing the tyrannical government of the time due to taxation without representation, they wrote the Bill of Rights. What became the First Amendment was the freedom of the people to speak their minds regarding the government without fear of reprisals. They then wisely realized that a simple piece of paper would not stand the test of time. Hence, the Second Amendment allowed the population to be armed to protect them from not only foreign enemies, but from a domestic government that could some day be out of control and attempt to once again enslave its citizens.

Probably the best way to understand the liberal agenda is to also understand the conservative agenda. It is the exact opposite. Conservatives want to create opportunity for all, but not at the expense of others. Conservatives believe in individual rights. After all, the masses are made up of individuals. What better way to grow and protect the country than to have every citizen be the best that they can possibly be?

It is much easier to be lazy and dependent, than risk hard work, effort and money for a better life. However, there is no reward for laziness. Thus, liberals and their followers are never happy and never can understand why. By the way, liberals have called themselves by many different names over the ages: communists, socialists, progressives, greens, etc. They all have the common goal of tyranny over the masses by a privileged few.

Over 200 years ago, this country established itself by overthrowing the tyrants. It then wrote a document to insure that it never happened again. Liberals remain a constant reminder of how far we have come and how far we must still travel.

The question for you is this: Are you going to be part of an unthinking mob driven by emotion or are you going to be an intelligent individual who values life and the pursuit of happiness?

November 18, 2007
A typical discussion with a liberal

A TLG staffer bumped into a liberal acquaintance, who shall be known as "Pete." Pete, who hadn't seen our staffer in some time, asked the staffer if he was still a conservative. After an affirmative response, our staffer asked Pete how he had been doing. Instead of exchanging pleasantries, Pete exclaimed, "Hillary's the one!" The TLG staffer asked, "The one for what?" Pete said, "Well, for president." "You're kidding, right?" asked the TLG staffer.

Pete said that he wasn't kidding. He was angry. Pete asked, "Don't you want change?" The TLG'er reply was, "Change from what, prosperity?" Pete asked, "Have you prospered during this (Bush) administration?" "Yes" was the reply. Pete said that he had not. Pete reminded the staffer that Pete had lost his job. The TLG'er said, "Yes, but that was during the last few months of the Clinton administration." Pete said, "I still haven't prospered during this administration." The staffer replied, "Maybe it's because you're a liberal."

Pete grew angrier, yet. He started spouting off nonsense about global warming, a typical liberal diversion. The TLG'er remarked that it had been two years and still no terrible hurricanes that were predicted by the "experts" to immediately follow Katrina.

Pete then dove head first into the war on terror in Iraq. His anger grew as the TLG'er reminded him that the surge was working. Pete's final comment, which was a telling one, was, "I'd vote for Adolph Hitler before I voted for a Republican!" Pete stormed off in a huff.

This interaction is very typical of liberals. None of their arguments are backed by facts. They try to use junk science for global warming to obfuscate the reality that there is no man-made climate crisis, but that is as close as they come in an attempt to use logic.

Liberals are manipulated by emotions and not logic. Their commonality is that they are angry and depressed. They look at all others to cast blame for their failures. They refuse to take control of their lives and depend on entitlements from the government.

Worse yet, is they are unable to relate to people beyond their liberal activism. Poor Pete couldn't even maintain a friendly conversation. He had to keep it confrontational. Angry at the outset, Pete left far angrier after his confrontation.


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